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White Sony PSP – Looks Like Big iPod

White Sony PSP – Looks Like Big iPod

White Sony PSP – Looks Like Big iPod

Last month I wrote about how the Sony PSP commercials in Japan feature Google’s search engine in the PSP browser. Well, the commercials are still airing but now with a White Sony PSP.

Sony, which is getting its o-shiri kicked in the portable music playing market, has released a new Sony PSP here in Japan which ironically resembles an oversized iPod.

No idea as to when this will hit the US market, but with a web browser, wi-fi support, movies and music, Google, and now in white; Sony may have something in their arsenal yet for the music download market.

On a similar note, not sure if this is available in the US or not, but Sony is also selling their answer to the iPod, the Bean Walkman (get it? pea pod. bean.) Surprisingly, when doing a search for Bean Walkman on Google I found a review at our sister site TechWhack on the Sony Bean.

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