What Content Reddit Users Are Clicking On

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People like to dump Digg, Netscape, and Reddit all in one basket and label then as “social news sites”. In reality, however, not all these sites are the same, and not all of then are as news driven as others would have you believe.
When referring to these sites, I prefer the label “social driven sites” or “socially driven news and content sites” because while news is an important part of the content that gets promoted, a lot of the content is from niche oulets and blogs that cannot be classified as news (as much as opinion or just “interesting stuff”). The content here is voted on by the users and is more of what they find interesting or entertaining, and while this content varies from site to site, what is considered as “news” is often left-leaning and sensationlist. Pundits have long been predicting great things for these sites but these content aggregators are far from a reason to not read news-specific sites.
While technology-related articles rule on Digg, politics and breaking news is popular on Netscape, people have had a hard time figuring out Reddit. Here is a look at what content Reddit users are clicking on:
As you can see, Reddit users prefer pictures and images that present a mishmash of news, politics, science, and some totally bizarre content that can best be described as offbeat.

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