KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022

KPIs & Metrics That Matter For Digital Marketing Success In 2022

Wednesday, January 26 at 2 pm ET


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Not getting useful insights or much information out of your KPIs and metrics?

Avoiding measurements because they take a lot of time for very little benefit?

Setting effective, data-backed KPIs and metrics will keep your team focused and help you accurately assess and improve your strategies.

Register for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Measure effective KPIs.
  • Gather the right data to take action and improve your strategy.
  • Set goals for a variety of digital marketing programs.

Learn how to get the data and evidence you need to make smart decisions, identify issues before they harm your business, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Join us with Jonathan Laberge as he shares his knowledge on how to measure digital campaign success and what KPIs really mean for your business’s bottom line.

Can’t attend the webinar live? Sign up now for this sponsored webinar, and we’ll send you the on-demand version afterward.

Jonathan Laberge
Presented By

Jonathan Laberge

Business Development Manager, SmartBi
Heather Campbell
Moderated By

Heather Campbell

Director of Marketing, Search Engine Journal

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