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Watching the Google I/O Keynotes

Watching the Google I/O Keynotes

Google I/O, which took place earlier this month, was packed. Not surprise there! Tickets sold out in under an hour. Nevertheless, the million-plus viewers who either attended live or watched the live web-broadcast of the events should be sufficient to turn heads. But what if you’re one of the many people who had to do other things (like that little something we call “having a job”) while I/O was running? Good news: You can watch the I/O keynotes online now.

Each day of Google I/O had its own keynote, and each lasted roughly an hour (54 minutes and 68 minutes for day one and two, respectively). The videos can be watched online here and here.

Want a little more data on whether the videos are worth watching? As a general summary, day one’s keynote talked primarily about Android. It introduced us to Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android OS that will combined Honeycomb and Gingerbread and which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. It also unleashed the beta version of Google Music, demonstrated the movie rental possibilities now open in the Android Market, and more. Day two, meanwhile, took a close look at Google Chrome. The massive boost in Chrome users (up over 120% from last year), Chromebooks, new app development, and major browser improvements were all discussed.

As (quite sadly) promised, no real data was given on upcoming social projects from Google.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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Watching the Google I/O Keynotes

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