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Watch the Sunrise on Google Earth

Google Earth and the Discovery Channel have worked together to bring “sunrise on demand.”

The two have introduced a new layer on Google Earth which lets users view sunrises in certain areas around the globe.

More from Google & Discovery Networks on the Google Blog:

Now there’s a Google Earth layer that brings the sun’s ascent right to your computer screen, and Google Earth aficionados can also see video vignettes drawn from Discovery HD Theater’s “Sunrise Earth” program.

To view the videos, open Google Earth and select the Sunrise Earth layer under Discovery Networks. Follow the links in the pop-up window to experience the sights and sounds of one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

Personally, one of the only days of the year I catch the sunrise is on New Years’ Day, so these videos should be quite revealing. I am, however, a sucker for sunsets and am looking forward to Discovery & Google coming out with some sunset videos in the future.

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Watch the Sunrise on Google Earth

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