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Watch the Obama Inauguration Live Online

Watch the Obama Inauguration Live Online

Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States today in an event which is unlike any other inauguration with the many economic challenges facing the new President and will be the first war time inauguration since Nixon in 1972. Around 4 million spectators are expected in Washington DC today, and millions more will be watching the inauguration on around the world.

But if you’re stuck behind your desk today, or not in the United States, how can you watch the inauguration on the Internet?

Watch the 2009 Presidential Inauguration Live Online

  • C-Span : Being the centerpiece of the live streaming of political events, C-Span will be airing a multichannel choice of various inauguration events, including the Bush exit of the Whitehouse and the inaugural concerts and parties.
  • CNN Live : Join Anderson Cooper, James Carville and the other CNN political analysts, and even your Facebook friends to watch the live inauguration of President Obama online.
  • Ustream : The pinnacle of live broadcasts and user generated content, Ustream will be carrying an Obama inauguration feed which can be viewed on the iPhone.
  • Obama Girl : If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Obama Girl, she’ll be living her inauguration commentary live today at Stickam.
  • Hulu : Last but not least, Hulu will be featuring live streaming of the Obama inauguration on their homepage, and also via video embeds which can be placed on blogs, sites and social media profiles.

Where will you be watching the 2009 Obama Inauguration?

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Watch the Obama Inauguration Live Online

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