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Watch the Masters 2010 Online Video : CBS, iTunes & More

Watch the Masters 2010 Online Video : CBS, iTunes & More

The return of Tiger Woods to the world of professional golf after his post-Thanksgiving hiatus has positioned the 2010 Masters Tournament as the most watched event in the history of gold, with already 5 million people tuning in to coverage on Thursday according to ESPN. And although Tiger has already returned under this controlled environment to the PGATour, millions more eyes will be on the tournament today and tomorrow, as the final rounds of the Masters are played.

With golf being such an international sport and the build up and scandal to Tiger’s return, we may see this weekend’s Masters break record online video views for such a sports tournament. That is until this summer’s Word Cup.

Luckily, there are many different options for watching the 2010 Masters online, from streaming video to iPhone apps. Here are a few :

  • CBS Sports : CBS mastered the NCAA Tournament Video coverage and is also offering online video of the 2010 Masters. Here is the Masters Live Video Player from CBS Sports.
  • : Starting at 10 am each day, will be offering video coverage of the event at Augusta.
  • Masters iPhone App : The Masters has also come out with an iPhone app specifically for monitoring live video and live scoring for the Masters in Augusta, Georgia

How are you tracking the Masters Tournament online?

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Watch the Masters 2010 Online Video : CBS, iTunes & More

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