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Watch Obama State of the Union Address Live Online

Tonight President Obama will be addressing Congress, the Nation and the free world with his first State of the Union address. According to multiple news sources, the President is going to discuss financial initiatives including clamping down on US banks, continuing to build out the US infrastructure, the war in Afghanistan and potentially putting a freeze on increased domestic spending program allowances.

For those of you who will not be watching via your television, here is a list of online sites like Google’s YouTube which will be airing the State of the Union,commentary and the minority rebuttal. & Facebook :

The White House Live portal will be live streaming the broadcast along with Facebook powered discussions. For those of you on the road, Mashable notes that the WhiteHouse iPhone app will also be streaming the State of the Union.

Google YouTube :

YouTube, owned by Google, will be broadcasting the State of the Union on their Citizen Tube Channel. CitizenTube is also letting users submit questions to the President.

Online News Channels :

If you’re looking for the online versions of your favorite network coverage of the State of the Union Address, try CNN Live Stream, CBS News coverage powered by Ustream, MobiTV powering MSNBC & ABC News and C-Span.

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Watch Obama State of the Union Address Live Online

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