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  3. SEO Gets (Yahoo) Tagging Gets (Yahoo) Tagging is now working with Yahoo’s to offer tagging capabilities on all articles on the site. The tagging addition is quite nice and an innovative way for the Post to attract more readers who use the tag, bookmark and search service. Likewise, the New York Times has a similar tagging partnership with Looksmart’s FURL bookmarking & tag solution. is serving up a hodgepodge of search, tagging and blogging companies with offerings like the Technorati (a Yahoo Search Marketing partner) powered “Who’s Blogging” which links to blogs that cover the post stories (a great way for blogs to attract traffic) and Google powered site search AND Google AdSense ads.

In addition to its diverse 2.0 loyalties, the has been an innovator of late with its blogs, with more than 30 blogs (powered by Movable Type) by Washington Post writers and columnists – which allow comments. Its blogs have earned Washington Post the rank of the Second Best Blogging Newspaper in the United States by NYU’s Blogging 101 class.

“The feature is our way of responding to how people really use news on the web. By having a way of storing articles of interest, the feature really becomes a personal library of information and resources. And the ability to see what others are tagging adds a very appealing quality of serendipity to the web experience” says Caroline Little, CEO and publisher of

Note, is run by Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, which is the online publishing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company. Other Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive sites include Slate,, and tagging has not been added to either Slate or – yet.

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