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Best Blogging Newspapersin America

Best Blogging Newspapers
in America

Best Blogging Newspapers in America

Blue Plate Special, a Blogging 101 Journalism Class at NYU has released the results of their research on determining the Best Blogging Newspapers in the United States. The class consists of 15 undergrads, two grad students and their Professor.

The study looked at the top 100 newspapers in the US, which were ranked via ABC daily circulation numbers. The 100 paper list runs from USA Today at 2.3 million to News-Press in Fort Myers at 101,0000.

This method leaves out sites well known for their blogging sections— like the Spokesman-Review, which might have made our list. The list is not a map of innovation. In some ways, bigger newspapers may just now be going where smaller ones have already been. All we did is look at the major dailies—where blogging is old media renewal— to see how they responded to a demand for innovation, and a new area in which to excel. We did not evaluate the newspapers themselves, just the blogging part.

The rankings and criteria used can be reviewed on this chart of the State of Blogging at America’s 100 Largest Newspapers.

And the results:

1. Houston Chronicle (128 points)

2. Washington Post (69 points)

3. USA Today (38 points, 1 honorable mention)

4. St. Petersburg Times (29 points, 2 honorable mention)

5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution (23 points)

6. San Antonio Express-News (22 points, 1 honorable mention)

In the near future, Blue Plate Special will look at blogging at smaller newspapers, at Canadian newspapers, and overseas.


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