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Vivísimo Powers Bio-ITWorld Life Sciences Search Engine

Vivísimo Powers Bio-ITWorld Life Sciences Search Engine

Vivísimo Powers Bio-ITWorld Life Sciences Search Engine

Vivísimo, the cluster search technology force behind Clusty, and Bio-It World, Inc. have rolled out the Vivísimo Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS) product suite. Vivísimo VLS provides Bio-IT World’s audience with a ‘fast and precise way’ to navigate the Web site’s wealth of content and information.

Bio-IT World, Inc., a business unit of International Data Group (IDG), publishes information across a variety of media, including and, to meet the needs of bio-IT, life science, healthcare, pharmaceutical and regulatory professionals.

“Vivísimo Velocity was cost-effective and incredibly easy to deploy,” said Alan Bergstein, president and publisher, Bio-IT World. “With other approaches, it would have been a time-consuming, costly exercise to overhaul our existing search infrastructure and roll out new, innovative capabilities to our audiences. Early feedback has shown that site visitors like Velocity’s cutting-edge features, including the ability to search across multiple sources and cluster results in a way that is much more useful for the user.”

“Pharmacovigilance data mining technologies are rapidly becoming a mainstay in pharmaceutical research and development programs,” noted Don Taylor, senior director of life sciences at Vivísimo, Inc. “However, the patients considering medications prescribed by their doctors have limited access to these tools. Velocity for Life Sciences powering the BioITWorld and HealthITWorld sites will help patients and caregivers uncover valuable insights into the safety and efficacy of drugs they may be considering.”

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