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Vivisimo’s Clusty Government Search Engine

Vivisimo’s Clusty Government Search Engine

Vivisimo and its Clusty search client launched today, a service built to search and cluster political news, government information sites, such as FirstGov, think tanks and large, publicly released government documents, such as the 2006 Federal Budget and the 9/11 Report from a single site. is powered by Vivisimo’s clustering technology and is designed to help searchers easily navigate the massive amounts of government-related information generated on a daily basis.

Clusty Gov Tab Features:
* Government News: The latest government and politics news is clustered on the Gov Tab home page by default. Visitors get a quick overview of all the major themes in the day’s news without any extra effort. Users can view news from a variety of sources, including CNN Politics, Associated Press Political News and Yahoo! Political News.
* Popular Sources: With a single query, users simultaneously search several popular government sources including FirstGov, The Brookings Institute, The Cato Institute, RAND, DefenseLink and more.
* Government Documents: The Gov Tab provides a one-stop resource for searching specific government documents of popular interest, including the U.S. Government’s 2006 Budget, the Duelfer Report on Weapons of Mass Destruction and the 9/11 Commission report. Clusty will add new documents of popular interest to this archive as they become available.
* Congress Keymatch: The Gov Tab allows searchers to enter their state initials or zip code and easily find information about the state’s senators and representatives, including their email addresses and voting records.

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Vivisimo’s Clusty Government Search Engine

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