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Video Search, Media, and New Google Partners

Video Search, Media, and New Google Partners

Mark Glaser at the Online Journalism Review put together an excellent piece on video search and multimedia last week called “Search engines, startup media sites dream of becoming video hubs.” It’s a deep look into the approach search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AOL have taken towards video search and the potential transformation of these search services into new video news and multimedia hubs (or searchable televisions).

Mark gave me a plug in his story after emailing back and forth last week, here’s my quote: Loren Baker, editor of the Search Engine Journal, notes that Yahoo’s Video Search is already further along than Google, with the latter’s service more of a work in progress. Still, Google might just pull off a more automated version of Google News for audio and video from broadcasters and the grassroots crowd.

“I would not be surprised if that is what is in Google Video’s plans given the success of Google News and their current ‘public’ partnerships with ABC, Fox News, PBS, C-SPAN, and NBC,” Baker told me via e-mail. “That’s a strong lineup of video content providers for such an online evening/headline news aggregation system.”

The rest of the piece deals with AOL’s SingingFish, Yahoo Video Search (who’s Bradley Horowitz was quite open with Mark on Yahoo Media Search) and and the rise of non-professional video on the web. By the way, to add to the Video Search buzz, Google added some more partners to its Google Video service, which now only is offering video transcript search and the opportunity for digital video producers to upload their videos to Google and let Google do whatever the heck they wish to do with them. Gary Price reports at SEW that Google has now added “CNN, Fox News, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel and Discovery Health Channel as partners. Hooray – American Choppers, Animal Police, AND Dr. 90210 all on my PC. Thanks Google!

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Video Search, Media, and New Google Partners

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