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Video Search Engine Blinkx Forms Targeted Broadband Media Partnerships

The video search engine blinkx has formed 28 new partnerships with special interest broadband based media companies. Among the new partnerships are Cycling TV and Wedding TV, two broadband television channels with specialized offerings. blinkx has also partnered with Eye Music Network, a broadband MTV-esque channel, and GeoBeats, a producer of professional video travel guides for travel enthusiasts.

Through these agreements, blinkx has expanded its index of more than 14 million hours of searchable video content into new genres and categories; highly commercial categories at that which will result in increased revenue for all parties involved.

From the release:

In addition to indexing mainstream media, blinkx is committed to making it easier to locate this niche video content on the Web.

Broadband penetration and advances in video compression have driven the proliferation of multimedia content on the Web and resulted in the mainstream consumption of online video. As technical progress has dramatically lowered the barrier to entry for Internet publishing, more independent producers are distributing their video content online, and achieving great success among smaller, but dedicated, audiences.

“The democratization of media is one of the most exciting possibilities of the Web — the idea that people with common interests can build a community, regardless of their physical location,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. “blinkx is helping to deliver on that promise by indexing the broadest variety of video content on the Web today, and making it easier for everyone — from bikers to brides-to-be — to find material that appeals to their specific interests.”

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Video Search Engine Blinkx Forms Targeted Broadband Media Partnerships

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