Video Search Blinkx Meets Meta-Search Engine Ixquick

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Powerful meta-search engine Ixquick announced today that it has partnered with top video search engine blinkx. Under the agreement agreed upon by both companies, Ixquick will be displaying the blinkx search box on its website to give Ixquick users a powerful way of doing video search into blinkx more than 14 million video content.

None other than blinkx founder and CEO Suranga Chandratillake were very please with the blinkx and Ixquick’s  team up.

Through blinkx’s patented speech and pattern recognition technologies, we provide Ixquick users with the best capabilities available to find, experience and share all forms of online video.

Robert E.G. Beens, CEO of Ixquick believes in blinkx way of providing users with the most comprehensive and relevant search results which if combined with Ixquick’s leading Privacy Policy could very well become a lethal partnership in the video search industry.

By teaming up with blinkx, we can now offer our users the best video search capabilities available on the Web today, in full privacy.

Ixquick and blinkx partnership would certainly benefit both companies. Ixquick needs would benefit from blinkx more than 14,000,000 video content while blinkx needs xquick’s  powerful meta-search engine to spruce up its already successful and reliable advanced speech recognition technology to  provide the best video search results for its million of users.

Blinkx has been aggressive with partnering with other web companies. Among these companies are Microsoft video search, AOL, LookSmart and even with Playboy company.

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