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Video Search and Online Marketing

Video Search and Online Marketing

Last week we discussed how Video Search is out there and growing, how can Internet and Search Marketers use Video Search to reach target markets of consumers and potential reoccuring site traffic? Online video and broadband are not only adding a new entertainment medium to the Internet, but also a new and exciting marketing channel.

Video Samples – A number of online sites provide training services and paid tutorials via video. Some sites also specialize in paid on demand video downloads or movies. By creating a 10 second sample and then submitting the presentations to search engines, sites can market their video services via this growing channel.

Video Search Engine Optimization – Along with building and submitting video samples comes the optimization of them. Popular terms in the video file name and the target page itself help with the optimization and ranking of video files on Yahoo. iFilm has done an excellent job of Video SEO for the term “American Idol” on Yahoo Video Search. Four of the top six results direct users to iFilm American Idol “video shorts” pages, chocked full of paid advertising and promotions for paid video feeds.

Warning: American Idol reject William Hung has also made it into these top rankings with his own site listings. If you’re sick of William we suggest not clicking on his video images.

Feeds and Paid Inclusion – While marketing videos, case studies and testimonials incorporating the use of video provide an alternative that words and still images in html might not be able to match.

A lot of video is presented in popup boxes and player displays that are all but impossible for normal search engines to index. The RSS Feed that Yahoo uses can be used to help the engine locate those videos, and can include additional information, such as the format of the video and the size of the window that it opens within. Paying for inclusion in SingingFish can also do the same, but instantly.

Talent Promotion and Buzz – Video search might also make it easier to find some of the more unique and interesting animators on the web, with all of this indexing going on. One example that comes to mind is BBC animator Joel Veitch, who attracted an underground buzz with the animations on his personal website,, amongst a younger crowd over the past couple of years, and a considerable amount of attention over the use of some characters from that site in Quiznos’ commercials.

Video Advertising – MSN, ESPN, and Yahoo have already launched pay per view and free online video channels which offer traditional TV style advertising spots in between web features.

ESPN Motion has had no problem selling their ad spots for the online video service that can carry ads before it shows highlights from SportsCenter. ESPN has tied the video advertising into its main online advertising packages and media kits. As online video becomes more popular, selling advertising spots in those videos will help to fund their bandwidth needs and become a solid form of online revenue generation.


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Guest Columnist Bill Slawski is the Search Engine Optimization Specialist at, the Traffic Optimization Company, Maximizing the visibility of their clients’ sites, driving targeted traffic and increasing sales with their Search Engine Optimization, Media Buying and Online Marketing Services.

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Video Search and Online Marketing

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