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Vertical Search B2B Search Engine :

Vertical Search B2B Search Engine :

Search is becoming more vertical by the day, as user demanded expectations of relevancy and time saving capabilities have grown, especially in the business world. The drive for vertical search has resulted in blog search engines (Technorati), shopping search (Shopzilla), real estate and classifeds search (Oodle) and even business releated search ( Be sure to add one more name to your list today, and its an easy name to remember, as the new B2B vertical search engine,, has launched.

VerticalSearch, powered by PlanetDiscover Search Technologies, has over one million B2B related pages in its index along with real-time B2B news feeds based on search input, to provide users with access to breaking news and commentary relevant to their search query.

Currently in beta (isn’t everyone in beta nowadays), VerticalSearch currently serves no advertising and is accepting site submittals of web sites related to the B2B market. Will VerticalSearch become the Alibaba of the American B2B market? That is yet to be seen. However, with a strong brand identity and a competitive marketplace, VerticalSearch may become a contender.

I’m a bit surprised that they selected the B2B market for the VerticalSearch brand, but the name itself does remind one of the pre-bubble VerticalNet (now a software manufacturer) vertical B2B industry portal – a great idea which was about 4 years ahead of its time and just a little too costly. Perhaps Looksmart should keep an eye on this launch too, as they are working to rebrand themselves as a vertical search and content machine.

“Even in beta, proves an impressive and compelling resource for B2B information,” said Jeffrey Dearth, founder, LLC. “With the ongoing addition of relevant content from B2B websites, we are certain to achieve our goal of providing the absolute best B2B resource on the web. By uniting the B2B community around deep, relevant, and targeted search, we intend to forge new and exciting partnerships across the spectrum of B2B companies, both here in the U.S. and globally.”

Throw some local geo-meta search into the mix (searching for suppliers within a hundred mile radius for example) and VerticalSearch would have a bit more to offer. Then, of course, it would be LocalVerticalSearch (not as strong of a brand), but Greg Sterling would surely go bonkers over it.

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Vertical Search B2B Search Engine :

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