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There was a fairly amazing story run in the Associated Press over the weekend about Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation, the company which has its web site housed at the domain

Seems that the news and commotion surrounding the Google acquisition of the YouTube video sharing network has gathered the interest of millions of people who have never heard nor visited YouTube in the past, and are mistakenly visiting

Domain misspellings and mistakes, along with keyword misspellings, have always had their place in online marketing, but this story really puts the phenomena into perspective:

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment’s website,, was inaccessible for most of the week, overwhelmed by millions of people looking for the popular online video site.

The company … got 68 million hits on its site in August, making it one of the most popular manufacturing websites.

The site shut down last weekend just before Google announced plans Monday to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion. A move to a new server didn’t help, but by late Thursday Universal Tube’s site was back up after the company added more capacity.

“We couldn’t work on it, couldn’t do anything,” Girkins said Friday. At least 50 customers called during the week to point out the problem, he said.

…The company is looking to sell the Web address and find a new home for its website even though the company uses the name to advertise to customers overseas, Girkins said.

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If you owned, what would you do with the site? Turn it into a Google AdSense haven? Direct traffic to YouTube and other video sites? Or leave it as it is?

Please feel free to leave your response in the comments below.


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