Using SEO in Mobile Internet Marketing

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Last year, Morgan Stanley’s Managing Director Mary Meeker projected that mobile Internet users will likely to exceed desktop users by 2015. That being said, a great shift on how people search for your product is feasible to occur. In line with this is the fact that this could affect your search engine optimization strategies. That’s why it is important that you analyze how you can take advantage of this platform and get ahead of your competitors.

Optimize Shorter Keywords

Most mobile users usually take advantage of auto-complete keyword suggestions and adapt to shorthand writing. Since suggested keywords on mobile devices are shorter, your current keyword strategy may not be effective in this platform. By the time mobile Internet users become dominant, it will be the same with shorter keywords. In order to make it work for your SEO campaign, you should also target shorter keywords and phrases that are relevant to your services or products.

Take Advantage of Voice Search

Mobile users nowadays are taking advantage of their handset’s voice applications. Although known voice applications are less than effective as of the moment, it could get better over time. In the future, it is also likely to be used conversationally; therefore, changing how businesses identify and target keywords.

Target Consumers’ Immediate Needs

As compared to desktop users, mobile Internet users have more urgent needs. Other than that, they usually use the technology while on the go. That’s why in-depth and rich content may not work for them, as they are unlikely to engage in heavy search. If you want to have a visitor-consumer conversion through mobile Internet marketing, your content must address your target consumers’ immediate needs.

Provide Concise How-to Information

Aside from helping consumers, rich and comprehensive how-to information also drives SEO results to business website. However, a page with multiple resources, links and videos can be overwhelming for a mobile Internet user. Hence, it’s important that you can deliver short but concise how-to information for your visitors. Create mini pages of your website for the mobile Internet users, and try various combinations of images on selected contents. See what will work for your visitors who use mobile Internet.

Let’s face it—what works today may not work tomorrow. The way Internet works is changing fast, so as how people use it. Hence, if you want to see what aspects of your website works for the mobile Internet users, it’s high time that your experiment now.

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