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Linkbait is one of the crucial types of Internet marketing. Linkbait takes some time to create, but the results can be both viral and effective. However, with all types of Internet marketing methods, publishers must be willing to spend a significant amount researching, prepping, formatting, and creating linkbait that is going to be strong enough to attract the attention of the masses. This includes creating fresh linkbait on a regular basis, making sure links are still live, and ensuring linkbait is being used properly. Ideally, your website and/or company should aim to become known for its linkbait, whatever type you choose to create. Consistency is key.

Linkbait can come in many forms, including articles, widgets, multimedia, quizzes, badges, and more. A website can specialize in one or use several types of linkbait. This depends on the type of website, the available resources, the target audience, and what needs to be accomplished.

Viral Video: Requires Genius For Great Potential

Producing videos to publish online can be a relatively low cost and effective link building method. However, creating the perfect formula of a viral video can be difficult. Look for original ideas, a current event or pop-culture icon to coattail off of, and above all, give viewers something they can’t resist sharing. Some great examples include online only commercials, extended scenes from television commercials, and guerrilla videos that look like they were done by amateurs.

viral linkbait videoVideos need to look organic and the ideas need to be ingenious, unlike most Hollywood produced videos. Some great examples of viral videos that were created with the intent of promoting a product, business, or website include “The Landlord” (contains some strong language), which was posted by and starred Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. This video, which starred Adam McKay’s toddler daughter as a vicious landlord was uploaded to right as the site had been launched. Other examples include the series of Mr. T. Snickers commercials (one example: The Speedwalker) and the Old Spice commercials with “the man your man could smell like”.

Besides commercials, videos of people performing extraordinary feats were being placed in awkward situations with the intent of promoting a brand slogan or concepts are also quite popular.

Infographics: Difficult Creative Process, Easy to Share

With a good graphic designer, infographics are one of the easiest pieces of linkbait. Users appreciate being able to digest complex information and statistics in a graphic format. Because of this, infographics on all kinds of topics are growing increasingly popular, especially if they are easy to share (e.g. placing the HTML code to share the infographic at the end of the display page).

Infographics must contain relevant information and statistics that have been published fairly recently. Users that are online a lot are more likely to share content that is enjoyable to them, so they appreciate statistics about things they are interested in, like social media use, Internet activity around the world, or how technology has affected everyday life for the human race.

The following are a few good examples of effective Infographics. Besides being a useful info byte, infographics can also be humorous, as illustrated by The Oatmeal’s example.

A s you can see from the link, effective infographics need to flow information well, have an interesting subject and statistics, and have a great design. To reinforce this point, the above “17 things worth knowing about your cat” infographic has been shared on Facebook over 53,000 times and has been tweeted over 5,000 times.

Content: Easy to Create, Great for SEO, Exposure, and Establishing Credibility in Your Industry

Articles are one of the original types of linkbait.  Publishing great blog posts, articles, and other online content will not only keep readers coming back to your site but will also increase the probability that they will want to share what you’ve just published. Make any content that brings something into a new light, voices an opinion, teaches how to do something relevant to your industry, or makes a compelling point in a strong argument.

Besides having the content itself be strong and well written, it must also be chunked accordingly (with headers or sections) and contain applicable statistics, photos, or graphics. Make sure to validate any argument with evidence and always cite your statistic and photo sources.

Along with posting on your own website’s blog, being a guest author on other industry blogs and websites is also a great way to create content linkbait. In addition to providing a link back to your website at the end of the guest post (usually an author bio), blog guest authors also have a chance to establish their online presence, increasing credibility and overall industry influence. Seeing a professional’s work published on respected websites makes them more trustworthy to potential customers or clients.

The most important aspect of content is to make sure that it is updated regularly. Website blogs should be updated once a week at minimum and should always be about current news in the industry. Furthermore, creating a dedicated guest blog image means writing posts for other websites at least once a month, if not more.

The Grand Finale: Sharing Your Linkbait Online

Once the linkbait has been created, it must be shared online in all available mediums. This includes posting to social media profiles and bookmarking sites, dedicating a blog entry to the linkbait (if it is a new video, infographic, etc.), including it in a regular E-newsletter, and promoting it on the main website homepage, if possible, etc.

Encourage and make it easy for users and current customers to share your content with their network. Include sharing buttons or widgets (such as the free buttons like or

A July 2009 online study by econsultancy reports that 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people they know70% trust opinions of unknown users. This shows that internet users are more likely to read or recommend something online that has been recommended to them from a friend or online contact. Making online linkbait easy to share means that there are more recommendations online which will attract new users and potential customers to your website. Make high-quality linkbait a priority in your Internet marketing game plan and be rewarded with steady traffic.

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan Kasteler

Digital Marketing Consultant at Jordan Kasteler
Jordan Kasteler is a freelance consultant, entrepreneur. Passionately innovating status quo.He has a history of entrepreneurship co-founding such companies as BlueGlass Interactive. His work experience ranges from in-house SEO at, marketing strategy at PETA, and to agency-level digital marketing.Jordan is also an international conference speaker, writer, and book author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.
Jordan Kasteler
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  • Rebecca Gill

    I have a lot of clients that ask about link baiting and the best way to go about doing it. No one ever seems to like my reply of “quality content”. Good links come with work and no matter what you read in your spam email folder, only good content will produce strong traffic growth that is sustainable for the long-term.

    • Jordan Kasteler

      Very true, Rebecca. However, that’s only half the equation. The good content needs a strong and strategic promotion to make sure it gets exposure and the ROI benefits it deserves.

  • Moosa Hemani

    People are still not really agree on this one that great content bring great links and i really don’t understand why?

    the video publish on video sharing websites is again… so many people still hesitate to update their videos online and share it to the common men.

    What i understand, the fear of uploading videos is due to the reaction of the viewers all one need to understand is how to respond i mean upload the video is not enough one need to respond to the viewers comment like a blog post.

    Over all the great article.

  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    atractive and good contents bring good links ! sharing all the readdy links online will absolutely work and i see that posting then to social media profiles and bookmarking sites is a very good idea that every one has to try !!!! Thank You

  • Alex Dsouza

    What you have talked about is not new yet the way you have presented the fact on linkbait is worth noted. The creation of linkbait depends on the creation of content. Any widget, article, news, etc you create, write or post indeed creates linkbait. So, instead of thinking too much of linkbait promotion, I believe, if one spends time to create quality and trendy content, linkbait follows automatically. What you are infact talking about is creation of content disguised as linkbait you have named. Am I right Jordan?

    • Jordan Kasteler

      Thanks for the comment Alex. You’re right to a certain degree. Creating “linkbait” falls under creating great content. However, there’s a difference between creating awesome relevant content for your audience and creating content that’s related to your audience’s interest but also has a mass appeal at the same time. The reason for the mass appeal is to promote via social media and gain links from all over the Web, not just relevant sites. Thus “linkbait”.

  • Peter Ridgard

    I agree with your points, but personally decry the fact that the internet is becoming one huge marketing tool, where all content (no matter how good or bad) is trying to sell us something other than an opinion or a thought. Am I being naiive?