The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

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The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

You see them everywhere around the web… From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags are an essential part of social media.

So, why should you care about hashtags? Well, hashtags are a great way to increase your overall social media traffic. For example, tweets with hashtags generate two times more engagement than tweets without them.

In order to help you get the most out of hashtags, I’ve created an infographic that will teach you how to leverage them on each popular social network.

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags | Search Engine Journal

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


I know I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to using hashtags, but I have to say, it works. When I was active on Instagram, I saw that pictures with hashtags received at least 15% more likes compared to images without them.

So, next time you post on your favorite social network, follow the hashtag cheat sheet above.

Are you going to start using hashtags?

P.S. If you need help with coming up and optimizing your hashtags go here.


This post originally appeared on Quick Sprout, and is re-published with permission.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at... Read Full Bio
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  • John

    In my case, I can say that hashtags are working pretty well on Twitter.
    On Facebook I use them on every post, but they have almost no effect.
    Even less I can say on Google Plus.

    • Kelsey Jones

      Yeah, I agree that Twitter is most effective. I do use them on G+ to search for stuff occasionally.

    • Craig

      I have to agree with you. Pretty much only Twitter that shows some form of results from hashtags. I use them on FB, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and none of the others really do anything.

  • Rahul

    Hi Neil !

    Awesome infographic. Yea, sure I’m going to use hashtags effectively keeping these facts and data in mind.

    Thanks for sharing !

  • Andrij Harasewych

    Would love to see a bit more diving into the numbers though, and perhaps inline citations to follow the exact fact to the source, rather than a general summation at the end.

  • Atanu Das

    Hey Neil, Its always been a PLEASURE to read your valuable contents. This particular content is also good one. But I have different point-of-view with you in one thing – you are telling that 17% Engagements in Twitter drops if we use more than 2 HashTags. But believe me, for my own account, I generally use 3-4 HashTags and no wonder the No. Of Retweets and engagements are really good (Data Taken from Twitter Analytics Table). What do you guys think ? Please tell me!!

  • Sahil

    Awesome post sharing every bit of Hashtags info. Surely would help users to optimize their next post on social sharing platforms.

  • Nate Balcom

    Great article and infographics. To be honest I wasn’t sure how hash tags worked on the other social networks other than Twitter. Great article as per usual Neil.

  • Ryan

    I disagree with Neil on this basis of #hashtags with a few key points.

    He even forgot to consider the value of a #hashtag when considering branding opportunities and network reach

    Example: #context vs. my own unique brand #contechual

    Supplementing your brand with “appropriate” hashtags are vital into developing a strong #hashtag search aggregate network if you will.

    Lastly, within Instagram. Prior to the IG Purge, More Instagram Hashtags = More engagement. However if you target specific spam-attractive hashtags (#foodporn) as a sole example. You’re not bound to acquire organic engagement from that end. Which is why unique hashtags in addition to generalized popular #hashtags play a crucial role.

    If anyone’s interested, I’d be more than happy to share my insights since no one has commented on it. :).

  • Walter Whitley

    Just learning how. Thank for your Help.

  • Mario

    Until now i did not paid so much attention to hastags but it seems they work well on twitter as others have said. I will definitely give more try to this one. Thanks a lot!

  • yury


    I am learning about Instargam and have become an avid user. My question is about your graphic on the amount of hashtags used. Why would 10 produce so little egagment, but adding an 11th make such a huge difference?