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Two Tips To Get Links In Forums Through Content

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Two Tips To Get Links In Forums Through Content

Since traditional marketing was no longer the alternative as a way to achieve business success and began to give ground to the emerging Inbound Marketing, content has become a cornerstone of any digital strategy.

Inbound marketing advocates to get users/people/customers to come by themselves to our products/services on our sites, avoiding any meddling in their habits or breaking their routine. It is based on offering something so valuable to them that instinctively but recognizing the quality, they may feel attracted.

There are many benefits that content marketing can bring us within a global inbound strategy but, from a SEO perspective, it not only gives us editorial quality but also a unique opportunity to strengthen our linkbuilding.

In today’s article we will identify the right way we could obtain high quality backlinks from forums through content.

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Try to help the others

When we are preparing our web content, a good option is to ask ourselves how we can help others.

If we are specialized in a subject, why not to share our wisdom with others who can benefit from it? We’re not talking about selling a product or service so that the user benefits, but offer something useful without something assured.

A good place where we can help others is in forums, websites where doubts arise and are resolved in an altruistic way by users. But we have to be careful and avoid the mistake of creating spam. To achieve this we must follow a set of basic rules:

  • If we find a thread in which one of our content pieces can solve a problem, then we have a chance. The first check is to see if the user requesting help has a relevant website relevant to our linkbuilding.
  • If so, we will suggest the user to visit our website. If indeed our content has enough value and quality as the problem requires, the user will consider it relevant and tend to share it.
  • It is our job to monitor the thread and, if we find that our content has helped someone, we must get in touch with that user, show our joy at having solved the problem and comment the possibility of including a backlink to us in some of its pages.

As you see, the way to act is not to flood a forum with our links, but to find someone with a website related to ours so we can benefit from the linkbuilding point of view and, finally, offer a solution to this user.

In addition to forums, another good option is to go to Q&A sites like Quora where, in addition to help, we can show our competence in the subjects we dominate. The steps to take into would be the same as in the forums.

Be a teacher

At times, users need someone to teach them how to do something, and so they start looking for content that could provide them a proper instruction to achieve their goal.

Through content marketing can develop a range of materials to fill this gap. Basing ourselves on our experience again, to make video-tutorials, in-depth articles, whitepapers, e-books, translations, podcasts, etc. shouldn’t take us a hard work.

This type of material often uses to get a wide spread and if it is really an important content, it will become a reference for many users who, appreciating its value, will link by themselves.

When content is professional, the vast majority of backlinks come from websites related to our field of knowledge, so they can add value in terms of linkbuilding.

Forums can be a great place where we can share this type of great content and, again, help users through teaching them in subjects they claim support.

Finally, never forget this: thank for your backlinks. We’ll get to offer a friendly image of ourselves.

And you, what other features would you think content should offer from a linkbuilding point of view? Share your ideas in comments.

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