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Twitter to Introduce a ‘Subscribe to Conversation’ Feature

Twitter is working on a feature that will allow users to follow specific threads with a ‘subscribe to conversation’ button.

Subscribing is a way for users to follow a conversation without engaging with it directly.

Rather than liking or replying to a thread, users can just click the subscribe button to easily go back to it.

Jane Manchun Wong discovered the feature and shared an example screenshot on Twitter:

Wong has a well-documented track record of discovering upcoming features before they’re officially launched.

She regularly shares her findings on Twitter, though it’s uncommon for companies to reach out and provide additional context.

Twitter’s official communications team, on the other hand, was quick to get in front of this news.

They retweeted Wong’s tweet with a message reading: “This is part of our work to make Twitter more conversational.”

So there’s confirmation from Twitter that this feature is on the way, but no timeframe was given regarding the eventual launch.

Historically speaking, if the feature is far enough along in development that Wong is spotting it, then it will likely be ready for an official launch soon.

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Twitter to Introduce a ‘Subscribe to Conversation’ Feature

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