Twitter Thinks I Am You

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Bartjan Cazander
Bartjan Cazander
Twitter Thinks I Am You

Not so long ago twitter added nofollow to when you mention someone using @

However they also added a small popup which provides extra information. This popup is only shown when you are logged in.


Quite useful to easily see their bio and activity. That way you can decide much faster if you want to follow someone.

But to show how much twitter thinks things through when implementing something new. Here is a weird anomaly.

When you use the retweet button the retweet gets added to your timeline and is added to your profile page.

Under the retweet is says: “Retweeted by you (and # other(s))”. The word ‘you’ is a link to your own personal twitter profile. in my case.

But when you perform a mouse-over and the popup shows the bio and activity of the user ‘you’. Alongside is a followed link to his profile.


Seems twitter thinks I am you 😉

Of course Matt Cutts posted an video last Monday where he explains whether the pagerank of twitter profiles matter.

Since twitter nofollows all internal links, profiles should only get high pageranks through external links.

However has a pagerank of 5.

When we look at the link profile for that page we see this is mostly thanks to the internal links from twitter profiles.

Now you might say Google only sees internal nofollowed links to that profile since the popups aren’t shown to Google  (Googlebot isn’t logged in). But many of the links in Googles cache aren’t nofollowed yet as you can see at some of the cached profiles. Google hasn’t re-indexed every profile yet.

We can see this when we do this search.

Note: the link operator doesn’t provide any accurate results on Google, but usually it shows a small number from the total number of results.

We can expect a drop in pagerank for his profile-page with the next pagerank update. We can expect a drop on everyone’s twitter page!

Where does all the pagerank go? All to the homepage as those links are followed. Useful? Nope, the homepage isn’t going to rank for many keywords anyway.

@Twitter, get smarter! I am not you and internal nofollow doesn’t make any sense!

This is a guest post by Bartjan Cazander an SEO consultant who specializes in SEO targeted for the Netherlands. He blogs about Dutch SEO at

Bartjan Cazander

Bartjan Cazander

This is a guest post by Bartjan Cazander an SEO consultant who specializes in SEO targeted for the Netherlands. He ... [Read full bio]