Twitter To Start Including Promoted Accounts In Search Results

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Twitter announced the launch of a new feature today giving Promoted Accounts a more prominent home by including them in search results. Promoted Accounts are an ad unit that allow you to give your tweets special placement in the timelines of users who follow you, as well as have your account show up in the “Who to Follow” list to be seen by users who don’t follow you.

Now another benefit of Promoted Accounts will be special placement in Twitter’s search results, similar to what Twitter has already been doing with Promoted Tweets. They also come with precise targeting options, you can target your Promoted Account to reach more people who are similar to your current followers, or you can target by demographics and interests.

With this launch, relevant Promoted Accounts can be presented to users in search results along with recommendations of people to follow. We automatically select relevant search queries for presenting Promoted Accounts based on an advertiser’s targeting choices, so no additional action is required for your business to access this capability.

As Twitter is built around conversations of events around the world unfolding in real time, one of the best ways for users to instantly find out what’s happening at that moment is through search. Search is now also a powerful way for marketers to connect with customers.

Based on an August 2013 study, 72 percent of consumers said they’re more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on Twitter.Also, 34 percent of those surveyed interacted with a brand after seeing an ad with their Twitter handle. So there are proven benefits to reaching more people on Twitter through Promoted Accounts.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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Matt Southern
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    Useful Post…

  • James Halloran

    Well, that should definitely help improve Twitter’s funding. I think it’s a good move for them. But how soon will people learn to adapt to ignore these sponsored Twitter handles? That’s the real question. What is the true conversion at hand?

  • Romano Groenewoud

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