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Twitter Rolls Out 7 Updates to TweetDeck

Twitter updates TweetDeck with seven new and familiar features that users have asked for.

Twitter plans to roll out a series of updates to TweetDeck this week, which include new and familiar features that were requested by users.

TweetDeck is a first-party tool that allows Twitter users to manage multiple dashboards side-by-side.

So you can respond to DMs, scroll through your timeline, and monitor a hashtag all on the same screen, for example.

Anyone with a Twitter account can use TweetDeck for free in their web browser, or by downloading the desktop or mobile application.

Though Twitter owns and maintains TweetDeck, its first priority is always Twitter-dot-com.

When new features get added to the main version of Twitter they aren’t brought to TweetDeck until sometime afterward, if at all.

As Twitter plays catchup to appease its loyal TweetDeck users, here’s an overview of all the updates on the way.

TweetDeck Updates – October 2021

1. Manage Multiple Accounts

Users can now add another account to TweetDeck and switch between them with ease.

Follow these steps in TweetDeck:

  • Click your profile icon
  • Select “Add an existing account”
  • Toggle between them by clicking your profile icon and then click the profile icon(s) of your added accounts

2. Realtime Timelines

Timelines in TweetDeck will be sorted in reverse chronological order by default.

New columns will show the latest Tweets first and will automatically refresh, so you’ll never miss a trending moment.

3. Clear Columns

Users will have the option to completely clear their columns and start fresh with the latest tweets.

4. Scroll to Top

It’s easier to jump to the top of a column in TweetDeck with new “Scroll to Top” and “See new Tweets” prompts.

5. Undo Delete

If you accidentally delete a column in TweetDeck you’ll have a set timeframe to undo the action.

6. Updates to DM Column

The DM column is getting improved with the ability to view, manage, and send direct messages in the TweetDeck Preview in one or more columns.

In addition, there’s now an option to create a deck to manage all DMs and group chats in one place.

7. Improved Mouse Compatibility

For those not using a trackpad, TweetDeck is making improvements to its mouse and scrollbar functionality for smoother on-screen navigation.

Subscription Model in the Future?

With the rollout of these rapid-fire updates, could Twitter be preparing TweetDeck for a transition into a paid tool?

News broke earlier this year that Twitter is considering a subscription model for TweetDeck, though it’s been months since we’ve heard any rumblings about that.

Twitter has little experience in the area of paid tools, and adding a fee to TweetDeck could drastically reduce its user base.

The company launched its first-ever premium offering back in June with Twitter Blue, which grants access to exclusive features like ‘undo tweet’ and bookmark folders.

Last month Twitter launched another paid offering called Super Follows, which allows users to subscribe to content creators for exclusive extras.

If the launch of Super Follows is anything to by, Twitter users aren’t exactly keen to spend money on the platform as only $6,000 in revenue was generated in the first two weeks.

Time will tell if Twitter goes the subscription route with TweetDeck. At least new features are still being added while the tool remains free.

Source: @TweetDeck on Twitter

Featured Image: Postmodern Studio / Shutterstock

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Twitter Rolls Out 7 Updates to TweetDeck

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