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Twitter Launches Its First-Ever Premium Features

Twitter Blue, the app’s first-ever subscription service, begins rolling out in select countries.

Twitter is launching its first-ever set of paid features as part of a premium subscription service called Twitter Blue.

The launch of a subscription offering from Twitter has been talked about for months.

It was known to be on the way, but no one knew when it would launch, how much it would cost, or what features it would offer.

Details about Twitter Blue were leaked two weeks ago, and the official launch confirms users will have access to the same features discovered back in May.

Starting today, Twitter Blue is launching in Canada and Australia for a monthly price of $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD.

Here’s what that will get you as a subscriber.

What Do You Get With Twitter Blue?

Users who sign up for Twitter Blue will get access to the following features and perks.

Undo Tweet

Twitter is not giving users the much requested edit button, but Blue subscribers will have up to 30 seconds to reconsider publishing a tweet after sending it.

This will give users time to spot any typos or missing details, then they can hit the “Undo” button and make revisions if needed.

The Undo button will appear for all sent tweets by default. Users can shorten the countdown timer, or bypass it by hitting the “Send now” button.

Once the countdown timer is over the tweet will become viewable to the public. From there the only option to make changes is to delete it.

The undo option can be used for all original tweets including quote tweets, threads, and replies.

Currently, access to the undo tweet feature is available only on the iOS app. Undo tweet isn’t available on Twitter for Android or in web browsers.

Bookmark Folders

Twitter Blue subscribers can organize their saved content in customizable folders.

Avid bookmarkers on Twitter can relate to the frustration of trying to find something specific in a long list of tweets. Now everything can be sorted into categories.

Reader Mode

Long Twitter threads are now easier to keep up with by using the new Reader Mode.

With the quick tap of a book icon, Twitter users can turn threads into easy-to-read text. This combines multiple tweets together seamlessly like a web article.


Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to exclusive perks, which aren’t features as much as they are cosmetic enhancements.

Perks include customizable app icons and colorful themes. Subscribers will also have access to dedicated customer support.

More About Twitter Blue

Twitter calls this the “first iteration” of Twitter Blue, implying it may adjust the subscription offerings in the future as the service matures.

For now this is what a subscription will get you in Canada and Australia. There’s currently no timeline for when Twitter Blue will roll out to other countries.

The company promises it has no intention to make Twitter a paid service. Twitter Blue is an optional set of add-ons designed for power users to get more out of the app.

“Free Twitter isn’t going away and never will. Twitter Blue simply offers an opt-in layer of customization to give you more creative possibilities for your Twitter experience.”

Source: Twitter Blog

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Twitter Launches Its First-Ever Premium Features

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