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Twitter Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet

Twitter's upcoming subscription service may be called "Twitter Blue" and include features such as undo send, bookmark collections, and more.

New details discovered about Twitter’s upcoming subscription service reveal one of the features may include the ability to undo sent tweets.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong shared information she recently uncovered, revealing the subscription service may be called “Twitter Blue” and offer tiered pricing starting at $2.99/month.

Twitter’s eventual launch of premium plans has been known for almost a year now, and was officially confirmed by representatives within the company. What has not been known is how much Twitter’s subscription service will cost or what value the service will offer to paying customers.

Details shared by Wong are the closest thing to concrete details that have surfaced so far. Even though the information was found in Twitter’s own app, it’s important to keep in mind none of this is confirmed is all subject to change before launch.

Here’s more about a few of the features users may receive in exchange for a $2.99/month subscription to Twitter.

Undo Sent Tweet

Not exactly an edit button, but arguably the next best thing, an undo send feature will give users one last chance to review their tweet before it goes live for all to see.

After hitting the “Tweet” button, a timer will appear giving users roughly 6 seconds to re-think what they’re sending out to the world.

That gives users enough time to spot embarrassing typos, reconsider the appropriateness of their message, or think of more content they wish to add to the tweet.

Hitting “Undo” will prevent the tweet from getting published and allow users to make necessary edits or delete it from existence.

Understandably, users may ask themselves what’s the point of paying for this when they can delete tweets and re-publish them for free.

The problem with that approach is Twitter keeps deleted tweets in other peoples’ timelines until they sign out or close the app. While the tweet may have been deleted, a limited number of users are potentially able to see it.

It’s not possible to engage with deleted tweets, but they can easily be screenshotted, meaning the evidence of what was tweeted can circulate.

An Undo button would ensure complete removal of a tweet before anyone has a chance to see it or, even worse, screenshot it.

Bookmark Collections

A possible Collections feature will give users the ability to organize their bookmarks into folders.

Currently, when a user bookmarks tweets, they’re all added to the same list. That makes it difficult for avid bookmarkers to find what they’re looking for.

A premium feature could allow users to create individual categories to separate their bookmarks into. Similar to adding pins to pinboards on Pinterest.

Ad-Free News Articles

With Twitter’s acquisition of Scroll last month it was confirmed its ad-free news reading experience, which shares revenue with publishers, will be part of an upcoming subscription offering.

It’s thought that Scroll’s capabilities will be offered through a higher-level tier than the $2.99 base tier, which it would have to be in order to for publishers to get a fair cut.

This would potentially allow users to tap on a link to a news article and read it in the Twitter app with no ads.

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Twitter Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet

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