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Twitter Releases New iPhone App Just In Time For iOS 8

A day after Facebook unveiled a new iOS app, Twitter releases an updated app for iPhone users just in time for iOS 8. The updated app, rolling out today, promises to make it easier to explore and learn about other people on Twitter.

The company claims it is their biggest update to date, featuring a new design and revamped profile pages. The new profiles have been designed to emphasize your bio, tweets, and photos so people can quickly digest everything that’s important to know about you at a glance.

The bio is immediately visible as soon as you land on someones profile page, which means no more having to swipe to another screen to read the person’s bio.

The new profiles are available now for everyone using iOS 7 or above.

With update comes some new features specifically for iOS 8. Now you can interact directly with push notifications from Twitter. That means meaning you can Retweet, favorite, follow and more, directly from the notification bar in iOS 8.

To use these new features, just update your Twitter app to the latest version on your iPhone.

As per usual with these kinds of updates, there was no mention about whether Twitter’s new iOS design will eventually be making its way over to the Android operating system.

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Twitter Releases New iPhone App Just In Time For iOS 8

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