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Facebook Releases New App For iOS 8: Here’s What’s New

Facebook Releases New App For iOS 8: Here’s What’s New

Facebook wasted no time getting a new app out for iOS 8, and they recently published an update on their Newsroom blog explaining what’s new and how it offers an improved experience over iOS 7.

For instance, one of the improvements to Facebook for iOS 8 is the ability to share content from other apps to Facebook. Just tap on the share icon and select Facebook, then you can share content from your browser, camera roll, and content from other apps.

Facebook is also enhancing the design of its app specifically for new iPhone screens. They explain how they’re creating assets for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ that take advantage of the new screen resolutions, making the experience bigger and clearer.

Over the coming weeks, Facebook will continuing to release updates to make sure all the features of its new app work with iOS 8.

Apple Has Updated Location Settings

Facebook hasn’t changed anything about how it gets location information from your device, but they do point out how Apple has updated its Location Services setting:

With iOS 8, Apple has changed its Location Services setting. Before, there were only two choices for the kind of permission you could give an app: On or Off. Now, there are three choices: Always, While Using the App, or Never.

When you update to iOS 8, if you previously used Facebook with Location Services set to “On,” you’ll notice that the location setting now starts out at “Always” (the new Apple setting option).

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Facebook is careful to point out that they aren’t getting any new location information from you when you upgrade to iOS 8: “You control your location information. Nothing is changing and Facebook will continue to respect the choices you’ve made about location.”

Expect more updates to Facebook’s app for iOS 8 over the coming weeks.


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