Best Practices for Twitter Polls, According to Twitter

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Twitter launched native polls this past October, which ended up being one of it’s most popular new experiments. Citing growing popularity in the feature, the company recently made the decision to extend polls from one day to one week, or even for less than 30 mins if desired.

The company says it has seen brands on Twitter use polls in all different ways to varying degrees of success. It has rounded up what it believes to be a general set of best practices for running successful polls on Twitter.

7 Best Practices for Successful Twitter Polls

  • Regularly post branded polls to stay top of mind
  • Give people a say in the decision making of your company
  • Host related polls around live events
  • Use polls for the purpose of conducting market research on your audience
  • Create polls on topics relevant to your brand
  • Promote your products by creating a poll around them

For more examples from all types of brands, view Twitter’s blog post.

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