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You Can Now Run Twitter Polls Anywhere From 5 Minutes to 1 Week

Considering the fleeting nature of communication on Twitter, 24 hours is a long time to expect people to pay attention to one of your tweets. That’s how long Twitter polls would last by default, now you can set them to run for much shorter length of time and get the opinions of your audience more immediately.

Alternatively, if you wish to gauge the opinion of your audience throughout a longer length of time, you can do that as well. Twitter polls can now be run anywhere from 5 minute to 7 days.

Since launching the feature in October, polls on Twitter would last for 24 hours by default with no option to extend them. Now, when conducting a poll, you’ll have the option to customize the length of time before publishing.

For the first time since launching its polling feature, Twitter has revealed how well they have caught on with users. The company has has announced that a collective 1.7 billion votes have been cast to date.

Among the host of new features and experiments rolled out by Twitter in recent months, polls appear to be the most successful among them. The popularity of polls has led to Twitter extending the length in which they exist on the social network.

Having a popular, new feature is exactly what Twitter needs right now as its stock price continues to tumble. Since this is a minor change it’s not likely to open a floodgate of new users, but it could be enough to please current users and encourage them to engage with the service more frequently.

Creating a poll is still the same as it ever was, except now you will see a tiny clock icon near the tweet button, which you simply tap to set the length of time you wish to run the poll.

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You Can Now Run Twitter Polls Anywhere From 5 Minutes to 1 Week

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