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Twitter Lets Users Share Tweets to Snapchat

Twitter is integrating with Snapchat and allowing users to easily share tweets in their snaps.

Snapchat users can now share tweets from Twitter directly to their Snapchat story. This eliminates the need to take screenshots of tweets in order to share them.

Twitter doesn’t offer the most intuitive solutions for sharing interesting tweets on other social media apps. A popular solution is to screenshot the tweet you want to share and post it as an image instead.

Better solutions are in the works, such as the native integration with Snapchat announced today.

Twitter adds that a similar integration with Instagram will be rolling out soon as well. But let’s not get too far ahead, here’s the details about the Snapchat integration launching today.

Twitter Integrates With Snapchat to Offer Easier Sharing

The ability to share tweets from the Twitter app to Snapchat is available today on iOS, with plans to bring it to Android soon.

Note that this does not include the ability to publish tweets to Snapchat. Users can’t compose a tweet and simultaneously post it to both apps.

What users can do is select a public tweet of their own, or one from others, as share it as part of their Snapchat story.

Tweets can be shared on their own, or users can get creative with full access to Snapchat’s creation tools.

When Snapchat users view a snap with a tweet embedded in it, they can tap on the tweet to view it in the Twitter app.

From there they can view the tweet author’s profile and check out more of their content.

This, of course, is not possible when tweets are shared via screenshots. In order to view the actual tweet you’d have to manually look up the author on Twitter and scroll through their feed to find what you’re looking for.

Twitter’s integration with Snapchat has the potential to really boost engagement for users on the platform. Think of how many followers could be gained from a viral tweet if users could visit the author’s profile directly from other social apps.

Tweets shared on Snapchat will disappear like all other content. If a tweet gets deleted on Twitter after it’s shared on Snapchat, then users will see the tweet has been deleted when they open the story.

How to Share a Tweet to Snapchat From Twitter

Follow the steps below to share a tweet from Twitter to Snapchat on iOS:

  • Tap the share icon on the tweet in Twitter. (Note: the tweet has to be public.)
  • Tap the Snapchat icon on the bottom horizontal scroll of icons.
  • The Snapchat app will open directly to the camera and the tweet you want to share will appear on top of the camera as an immovable sticker.
  • Once you take your Snap (video or photo), you can pinch to move and resize the tweet sticker.
    • More Snapchat Creative Tools can be used at this point including captions, stickers, Bitmojis, Cameos and Filters.
  • Tap the blue “Send” button in the bottom right corner to share with individuals or groups or to post to your Story.
  • People will be able to see the tweet as a sticker in your Snap and can swipe up to go to Twitter to view the tweet there.

Twitter hopes this will be the first of many integrations of its kind.

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Twitter Lets Users Share Tweets to Snapchat

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