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Twitter Launches Quick Promote, A Faster Way To Promote Tweets

Ever wish it was as easy to promote a tweet as it is to boost a Facebook post?

Well now it is (almost), as today Twitter announced the launch of quick promote. Quick promote is a new feature, designed specifically with SMBs in mind, which allows you to quickly and easily promote a tweet.

To promote a tweet using quick promote, first go to your tweet activity dashboard at From there click on the tweet that you want to promote, and then look on the left sidebar and you’ll see an option to promote that tweet.

For the time being it looks like Twitter is only allowing you to target quick promoted tweets to users similar to your followers. I wasn’t able to find any advanced targeting options.

The beauty of Facebook’s promoted posts is the ability to set modest budgets, like $10 or $20, just to boost something for a short period of time.

With quick promote you’re able to set small budgets as well, if that’s what suits you. As you set your budget, Twitter will estimate how many people the tweet is likely to reach.

Once your budget is set and your tweet is off and running, you can then use the analytics dashboard to see how people engage with your promoted tweet in real time.

This is a really useful feature which Twitter badly needed in order to compete with Facebook for ad dollars. I see this being an integral part of SMB social media campaigns going forward.

SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern Senior News Writer at Search Engine Journal

Matt G. Southern, Senior News Writer, has been with Search Engine Journal since 2013. With a bachelor’s degree in communications, ...

Twitter Launches Quick Promote, A Faster Way To Promote Tweets

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