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Twitter is the New RSS : Google Feedburner Exec Now Twitter COO

Do you still monitor your Feedburner analytics as closely as your do your Twitter referrals? And if you don’t, is it because Twitter does not have the analytics capacity that say Feedburner does?

This may soon change as Twitter has swooped up former Feedburner CEO turned Google Product Manager (after the Google acquisition of Feedburner) Dick Costolo (who’s currently drinking wine in France) as its new COO. What does this mean for Twitter? A lot.

Imagine the ability to open a pro Twitter Analytics account with a monthly micropayment structure and be able to track all referrals whch are passed through the Twitter API .. not just based referrals, but via the various Twitter applications, Twitter syndication, various shorteners and other Twitter powered news items which distribute your ideas and or links to your site … via tweets, retweets and forms of 140 character haiku.

And something like that would just be emulating Feedburner analytics, but if Twitter were able to plug in directly to RSS feeds in the same manner Feedburner once did and DOES to track blog and RSS readership metrics and implement them into its realtime search algorithm … that my friends woud be a whole different story and give Twitter another powerful jump in its search engine aspirations.

Then again, with Google apparently on the acquisition trail, Costolo and his crew may be preparing Twitter for a major acquisition by Google. Strategy? If I’m Twitter and I want to be acquired by Google, why not hire someone who built a similar company which was also acquired by Google (a bit too soon in my opinion).

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Twitter is the New RSS : Google Feedburner Exec Now Twitter COO

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