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Trouble Linkbuilding? Write the Copy

Finding new ways to attract inbound links is one of the hardest parts of SEO. Finding quality sites offering links with quality anchor text is a tedious process many in the industry shy away from. Organic, authentic link building is difficult, no doubt about it. But it is this difficulty that brings out the best in SEO practitioners.

Link building with The White Stripes

Jack White explains the benefits of constraints in the White Stripes documentary Under the Great Northern Lights. Given the self-imposed rules of a three-color palate and a two-person band, the White Stripes have to reach the heights of their creativity to produce world-class rock rifts. It is this type of crucible-induced creativity that Internet marketers must strive for when earning links.

A great way to earn the links you crave is writing the copy yourself. Become part of the conversation while ensuring your site receives the linkjuice you need.

Content on Demand

I use Article Marketing on almost every SEO campaign I run, but for projects with a larger budget, I turn to content driven sites for in-bounds links. Producing copy for sites like these requires an elevated degree of research, depth and editing.

As media companies turn their focus to hyperlocal coverage on sites like Aol’s, local writers and bloggers are receiving a lot of attention. This is where your SEO and communications skills come into play. You can write an article focused on your client, or an industry in which your client’s products are relevant. By drafting the copy yourself, you control the anchor text and the keyword density of each post.

Getting  Setup

Here is a list of hyperlocal, citizen-journalist sites that each SEO-er should be aware of for projects like these:

These sites are perfect for your well-crafted copy as they each possess high domain authority and visitor traffic. Therefore, a link from these hyperlocal sites produces great link building results.

When they say, “Content is King” they are absolutely right. But you don’t have to stop at blogging. That’s just one copywriting content tool in your arsenal. Like Jack White reminds us, it’s when you feel the most constrained, it’s time to amp up the creativity.

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Trouble Linkbuilding? Write the Copy

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