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Track SERPs, Blogs, Social Media and More with Trackle

Trackle is a new free promising tool that allows you to track almost anything on the web. It has sleek interface and many features but I (quite naturally) decided to look specifically into its search and social media implications:

Track(le) Google SERPs and Reputation:

  • Track Google SERPs: choose at most three words to track Google for:

Track Google

  • Track reputation:

Track Reputation

Track(le) Social Media:

  • Track Facebook notifications: find out when someone sends you a message, adds you as a friend, posts to your Wall, pokes you, tags or comments on a photo, invites you to a group or event, or comments on your posted items.
  • Track LinkedIn network updates – get your personal LinkedIn Network Updates feed or just monitor when the most common network events occur, such as when you’ve made new connections, someone has joined a group, a company is hiring, someone has updated his / her profile, or a new recommendation has posted.

Track(le) news and blogs:

  • Track CNN breaking news: monitor breaking global news about major international events in politics, the weather, business, sports, and other popular categories. (Alternatively, monitor global news from two of the most widely read resources — CNN and the New York Times — for specific national and international stories that you want to follow.)
  • Track blogs:

For each search entry, enter your name and additional keywords, such as your employer, city, or even names of websites where you’ve written reviews. Use the preview function to test the results. If the results are too broad, add or change keywords to improve the relevancy.

Track Blogs

  • Track an RSS feed – track your favorite RSS feeds for only those topics / keywords you’re most interested in: specify your key terms and the tool will monitor the feed for the keywords you provide.
  • Trackle local news:

    Put down the newspaper and give us a zip code instead. We’ll give you the headline news for that area.

Track(le) more:

  • Track top YouTube videos by category or by user (another alternative to Youtube tracking tools) – find out which YouTube videos are the most popular in your favorite categories.
  • Track anything on specific websites: monitor up to three websites for a topic of interest.

Take advantage of multiple settings:

  • Set different alert frequency for each report (instant, once a week, etc);
  • Preview reports before adding;
  • Set SMS notification option;
  • See popular tracks for any Trackle (what others are tracking).
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Track SERPs, Blogs, Social Media and More with Trackle

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