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Track Santa This Christmas Eve With Apps from Google and NORAD, or with Google Assistant

Google and NORAD have the apps you need to track Santa this Christmas Eve.

Google App – NORAD App

It’s Christmas Eve, the night millions of children around the world have been patiently waiting for all year. Inevitably that patience is going to wear thin and the questions will start coming…

“Where is Santa?”

“Do you think he’s in our neighborhood yet?”

With apps from Google and NORAD you can show your child exactly where Santa is and when he will be near your home.

Track Santa With Google

Google once powered NORAD’s Santa tracker, then decided to launch its own 12 years ago. Building on the success of Google’s Santa tracker there are now a slew of apps to go along with it.

You can track Santa using Google’s usual web app, which works on both mobile and desktop. In addition to the web app, this year Google can also help you track Santa with its Android app and a Chrome extension.

Even Google Assistant is able to track Santa now — just say “Where’s Santa” or “Track Santa” and it will reply with a text response.

Every day leading up to December 24, Google has opened up new games and other interactive features within the Santa’s Village section of it’s Santa tracker. That means right now there is 24 days worth of interactive content available, plus the Santa tracker itself.

Track Santa With NORAD

NORAD’s Santa tracker began the tradition of tracking Santa 61 years ago and still carries on the tradition today. Once the quintessential Santa tracker, it now faces stiff competition from Google.

In addition to the web app, NORAD also offers an iOS app and an Android app. Like Google, NORAD also offers extras on its site such as movies, music, games, and a library about Christmas history.

Carry on the tradition with NORADs Santa tracker.

History of Tracking Santa With NORAD

Source: Norad Santa Tracker : The History of NORAD, Google & Santa [Infographic]

How Santa Tracking All Began

Have you ever wondered why an organization like NORAD ever started tracking Santa in the first place? It actually began as a complete accident.

In 1955, an error caused the Sears department store to mix up the number of the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center with the number for contacting Santa.In the spirit of Christmas, CONAD played along with the calls.

Staff were instructed to give Santa’s whereabouts to anyone who called asking about the big guy. When the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) replaced CONAD in 1958, the tradition remained. Today the tradition continues for another year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the SEJ Team!

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Track Santa This Christmas Eve With Apps from Google and NORAD, or with Google Assistant

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