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Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status

Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status

BLVD Status is a great free traffic analytics utility allowing for a number of great features, tracking search referrals and keyword positions being one of them. In short, it allows you to:

  • Watch search referrals real time;
  • Compare current and average search positions;
  • See conversions of each search term;
  • View all search referrals for any individual page;
  • In-depth stats for any of the search term you need to research.

Now, let’s take a brief look at how we can actually do that.

(“Live”) Search Referral Tracking:

BLVD Status offers real time traffic tracking and reports search referrals in a separate window. This window allows to quickly switch between several options as well as set filters:

  • View all search engines stats or select one of them (Google, Google Advanced, Google blog search, Yahoo, MSN/Live, Reddit,, Comcast);
  • View recent or all-time stats.
  • [For all-time stats only] Click between AVG and CUR to see average or current search position and compare them.

blvdstatus - average

  • [For recent stats only] See the page the person referred by the search listing landed on.

blvdstatus - recent stats

View All Search Referral for Any Page

Accessed via Site URLs -> In Depth, this feature allows to view all or recent search referrals and moreover,

  • Hits each referral has sent;
  • Each term position in SERPs;
  • Conversion of each one.

All in all, quite enough to judge about each word “effectiveness” (e.g. hits versus conversions).

blvdstatus - pages

More analytics tools that allow to track keyword positions:

Further reading on keyword position tracking (via external tools):

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Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status

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