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Top Winners and Losers of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Top Winners and Losers of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Since Google’s mobile friendly update last Tuesday clear winners and losers are starting to emerge, according to data from Searchmetrics.

The SEO software company reports:

“We have fresh data in the software and now there are some significant changes visible in the data. Although Google communicated that the rollout would probably last a week or more, we can see some winners and losers already.”

The data is based on a Searchmetrics data point called Mobile SEO Visibility, which measures the differences between Mobile and Desktop performance based on identical search volume calculations.

According to early data, Searchmetrics has narrowed down the top 50 winners based on gains in Mobile SEO Visibility, and the top 50 losers based on losses in Mobile SEO Visibility. Searchmetrics adds that this data is provisional, considering that it was gathered before the update had finished rolling out.

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Here are the top 10 winners and losers of Google’s mobile friendly update. For the full lists, please see Searchmetrics’ post here.

Top 50 Losers (loss in Mobile SEO Visibility in parentheses)

  • (–27%)
  • (–28%)
  • (–26%)
  • (–76%)
  • (–27%)
  • (–25%)
  • (–89%)
  • (–22%)
  • (–23%)
  • (–38%)

Top 50 Winners (gains in Mobile SEO Visibility in parentheses)

  • (420%)
  • (771%)
  • (67%)
  • (91%)
  • (32%)
  • (13%)
  • (31%)
  • (21%)
  • (51%)
  • (32%)
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Noticeable Trends in the Data

Searchmetrics points out that clear trend amongst the top losers is the fact that the homepages of the respective domains fail Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.

The opposite is also true, where the top winners have homepages that pass Google’s testing tool. The conclusion is that Google’s mobile-friendly update is definitely here, and may still be rolling out. If that’s the case, the data above may differ upon conclusion of the rollout.

If you have been affected by the update, please see our small business owner’s guide to the Google mobile-friendly algorithm.


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