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The WebM Project: Open Video Format

The WebM Project: Open Video Format

The WebM open media project was announced recently and will hopefully change how we load and handle videos online for a long time to come. As of right now, depending on what website you’re on, you have to adhere to certain video formats… and there’s quite a few. If you’re not very tech savvy, putting a video up may just be too much of a hassle and your child may never be an Internet singing sensation. You have to get different encoders or exporters just to have it in a different format.

This ends now with the WebM Project.

WebM Project

VP8 was just released on the 19th of May, which is a high quality video codec. This, together with the open source audio codec Vorbis and a container format that is based off a subset of the Matroska media container, is included in WebM.

There are plenty of free/open source tools available so that you can begin publishing in WebM format immediately.

This has been worked on by multiple developers and is backed by a strong community so that they can bring you the best in an open web media format. I strongly believe this will become as common as HTML, HTTP and other technologies that have become a given to the Internet.

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