The Many Challenges of Blogging

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The Many Challenges of Blogging

Blogs started off a few years back when people wanted to share something about them with the world, and slowly blogging took the shape of a revolution. Probably it was one of the most happening changes that have taken place after the introduction of Internet.

Now the blogs are used for many purposes. From personal blogs, business blogs to information blogs; we have hundreds of blogs for any given category nowadays. But there are many challenges that bloggers are facing and something need to be done for this regard. Let us see what the blogging challenges are and what can be done to come out of it.

What Do I Blog About?

For the beginners it’s the very first question that arises in their mind. Well the answer is straight forward. Think of blogging on only those areas or niches where you have lots of interest so that you can write loads and loads of nonstop content. Because as you know content is the king and it still holds good even today. Never try to steal content from any other place on the web. Plagiarism is not acceptable in blogging.

How Often Do I Blog?

Well that’s another major area which some bloggers tend to neglect. You can not simply start a blog and do a few posts and then stop. Your readers also forget your blog soon after that. So you need to post regularly some unique, fresh and interesting content on your blog to keep your readers interested. The frequency may differ from blogs to blogs and niche specific too. For example news blogs need to update content on their blogs very often than any technology blog. Prepare your posts in advance and after that you can post as when you need them.

How Do I Generate Traffic for My Blog?

The next big question on the minds of any blogger. Well you need audience for your blogs. And getting them is never an easy job with thousands of blogs being created every other day. Start building traffic to your blogs by link exchanges, directory submission etc. You can also try out social networking and bookmarking sites likes stumble upon, digg, reddit, propeller, myspace, face book etc to build targeted traffic to your blog. They are really very useful sources to generate traffic. But the most important is traffic from search engines called organic traffic. It is tough initially as there is heavy competition among all the bloggers to appear on the front page of search engines. You can try out Google adwords not advertise your site. You need to be very serious with this. Once your blog gets popular and as time passes by you can expect loads of traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization: Do I really need it?

SEO or search engine optimization is the art and science of building and designing sites in such a fashion that they appear on search engines for a niche specific search by anyone. You cannot simply ignore the importance of SEO. It will bring lots of traffic to your blog on a constant basis. There are many SEO techniques which can be followed like on-page optimization and off-page optimization. You can slowly learn the fundamentals of SEO and then start applying them. You can even think of hiring an SEO expert and get the job done. A good frequency of posting along with SEO would do wonders for your blog in long run.

How Do I Monetize my Blog?

Many people start blogging to monetize them and earn from them. But that is not possible over night. First your blog needs to get popular and generate regular traffic. Only then you can think of monetizing your blog. There are many options like Google adsense, bidvertiser, Kontera ads, link selling, paid reviews, affiliate marketing etc which can be used on your blogs. Have a reasonable target in your mind, so that you don’t get upset later on. There are bloggers who make their living through blogs and blogging. Even you can too.

Finally sometimes you might you might not find enough time to blog. So you can plan things in advance and have some sort of back in place. It will avoid disappointing your regular readers of your blog. You can even think of outsourcing the content writing work to someone and get the job done by paying them. It might look a bit costly but is a good way of keeping your blog up when you don’t have sufficient time to take care of your blog. You can also constantly the look and feel of your blog to suit the contents of your blog keeping the readers interest in your mind. So we feel by following these techniques you can avoid some challenges that you might be facing while blogging. Good Luck and happy blogging.


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