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Some of the websites that haven’t been hit too hard in
Google’s Florida update (November 2003) got hit real hard on or around January 23. Google’s latest update is called Austin, and they are beginning to ‘sound’ like elections!

Depending on the industry you happen to be in, you could have been hit less, or harder- it depends on a whole number of factors and not one situation is usually the same. One of our clients that, up to recently had their site optimized by another SEO firm was completely devastated to realize his site was gone from the face of the earth.

Things such as FFA’s (Free for All) link farms, invisible text (!) and stuffed meta tags that are 20 screens long, filled with useless spam will have your site penalized, or even banned faster than you can blink an eye.

Google’s new search algorithm is getting smarter and better. Part of it is due to the Hilltop Algorithm, which I wrote about at the beginning of January. In combination with the Page Rank™ algorithm that Google has been using since 1998, these two algo’s work in tandem in what is supposed to be producing better, more relevant search results.

This last statement remains to be tested, as in some cases I have found that some of the results produced are not always relevant. But Google is continuously tweaking and ‘fine-tuning’ its technology to make it better and the next few weeks should see more improvements.

To read the complete article on the Rank for $ales website, click here.

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  • William Cross

    This person obviously has no idea. He is stating things as if they are hard and fast facts in that article, not theories. There have been NO conclusive tests yet to verify the existence of a hilltop expert system being used. In fact most of the leading “experts” are leaning more towards TSPR as the underlying algo now, since some tests have shown that the expert system (hilltop) does not cover all aspects of the changes in serps for differant types of searches that we are seeing, while TSPR does address them in a much more rational way.

    Why do people think they have to make people think they know what they are doing by trying to sound as if they actually know something as fact when they have no clue and are just re-iterating something they read somewhere else?

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