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The Google Light Radio – Sign of a Google Dance?

The Google Light Radio – Sign of a Google Dance?

The Google Light Radio – Sign of a Google Dance?

Google AdSense publishers, have you received your Google Light Radio in the mail yet? Upon returning home from a trip to New York on Saturday night I was welcomed at the door by a DHL package (new competition of FedEx and UPS) addressed to me from none other than Google. I had read some threads in some forums about Google sending its AdSense publishers (or AdWords advertisers) an early Christmas present this year, the Google Light Radio.

It’s a cool little toy. Turn it one direction and it picks up radio stations, the next direction and it turns into a personal disco light, or when finished listening to it, turn it upside down and it turns itself off. Right on! Even more impressive is that my radio was preset to 103.1 WRNR – the Annapolis/Grasonville based indie/progressive music station, spitting out old James Brown B-Sides. Nice. So nice that even Andy Beal wants one!

Engadget did a little review of the Google Light Radio and is actually giving there’s away in a Christmas Contest. Here’s their snapshot (yes, I’m hotlinking).

The Google Light Radio – Sign of a Google Dance?

So, besides all of the hype around the cool Google giveaway a question popped up in my head this morning – is this a clue. Call it intuition, call it cunning, call it what you will… I believe that Google may be trying to tell us something: “Time to get on your dancing shoes!” Yes, I’m smelling it in the air… It may be time for a new Google Dance!

Many SEO types are starting to get a bit antsy over a recent Google index toggling which is leaving some sites with lower or higher rankings, affecting Google web referral statistics across the board. Web Master World is buzzing with over 47 forum replies, Jeremy Wright at Ensight is noticing a drop in Google traffic, and SEOChat is firing up. Ladies and gentlemen, polish up your wingtips and toes your toes, cause it looks like we’re about to start dancing again. As I’m listening to my Google Radio and thinking how a new Google Dance (which may be dropping blog rankings in Google which have been dominating it for the past year and giving more exposure for large shopping sites like Wal-Mart and BizRate for certain commercial terms) I’m reminded of an old Frank Zappa verse – and I just hope I’m not a “Dancin’ Fool!”

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