The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation

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Throughout history, businesses have discovered ways to promote their goods and services to potential customers. And through intense competition, modern marketing was born. As technology becomes more embedded in the lives of consumers, marketing has evolved at an extremely fast pace.

From radio, to television, to the Internet and smart phones, savvy marketers have found ways over time to be creative in order to reach potential buyers through all the noise. Many continue to struggle with the ever-expanding network of engagement, but marketing automation technology has provided a way for marketers to spread their word across an continually increasing variety of channels.

The folks at Marketo have put together a visual interpretation of the evolution of modern marketing. Within, you will learn how advances in radio, television, the internet, social media, and the arrival of marketing automation technology have paved the way for modern marketing as we know it today.

The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation

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  • Zach Kasperski

    I really enjoyed looking through this infographic. Marketo is correct when saying that marketing automation is the most developed form of marketing, especially when talking about inbound, in particular. Yes, you can automate almost all of your digital marketing efforts. Marketing automation has the power of sending timely, targeted emails for you so that you can educate leads and build relationships until customers are ready to buy – all while having more time to run your business. It’s quite possible to map out your marketing and sales process from beginning to end. Most software lets you easily build emailers and landing pages while setting triggers to send emails to the right people at the right time.

    My digital marketing agency will probably integrate Infusionsoft into our arsenal at some point. Thanks for sharing the infographic!

  • Chirag Dattani

    Great Article! Its really interesting the way these channels are integrated together to provide a unified Marketing approach. Good example is TV/Radio to Online Marketing (SEM & SEO) to Email Marketing. At the same time, Online Marketing includes Marketing on different devices including Desktop, Tablets, Mobiles and now Phablets. Its extremely important to understand how the user reacts to a particular TV/Radio Ad and then providing them with the same browsing experience on the web.

  • Masini Spalat

    Cant belive you put so much valuable info for free, thanks a lot ya an eye opener!