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The Don’ts of Social Media

Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg, an Internet entrepreneur and sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, discussed about the things that user must not in Facebook during a conference in Australia. According to her, if you want to be a social media champion, you must avoid bragging your accomplishments, taking pictures of food, and posting pictures of your cats.

Also on the list is posting cheesy motivational posters, humble bragging, and depressing messages saying that you’re tired or sick. Otherwise, your network won’t grow.

So what are the things that you’re not suppose to do on Facebook?

Too Much Information (TMI)

While Facebook is designed to help you socialize with other people across the Web, that doesn’t mean that you can post about the intimate conversation between you and your significant other. Another pet peeve is telling your network that your kid just achieved potty training.

Promoting a Product or Service

Facebook is a social networking website. If you want to promote a product or service, make a marketing page. Spamming your friends news feed with a sales pitch will prompt them to un-friend you.


Vaguebooking is a portmanteau of vague and Facebooking. Posting hanging questions such as “Will it work?” and “Is it possible?” is like a cry for help so that someone from your friends will notice you.

Unsolicited Check-ins

Almost all of your friends on Facebook don’t care where you are at the moment, especially if you’re often there within a week. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to inform your boss and your stalker (if you have one) about your weeknight rendezvous

Humble Bragging

Saying that you wish you’re not that gorgeous is like saying you’re gorgeous and your friends are not. Humbling yourself just so you won’t look like bragging would just make your friends roll their eyes.


Creating an Album and labeling it “Me, Myself and I” is a big no-no in social media. Other than socializing, Facebook is designed to share the special events in your life—not how vain you are.

Redundant Links

Another that you must not do in Facebook is posting redundant links. Imagine how it could be an eyesore for your friends if you mention the name of the link on top of the URL on top of the link attachment.

Twitter Sync

Facebook is not Twitter. So why use @mentions and hashtags? The social media giant has a unique way of tagging or mentioning your friends, so better use it.

Phantom Tagging

If your friends are not on the photo, don’t tag them. It won’t just annoy your friends; it would also make you look like pathetic because you’re trying to call attention for someone to notice your images.

Unnecessary Name Changing

The moment you change your name on Facebook, it may be hard for your friends and family to look for you. Hence, it will prevent your from expanding your network.


Source: Randi Zuckerberg at World Economic Forum 2012 | Wikipedia

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The Don’ts of Social Media

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