Technorati Latest Search Engine Banned in China

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Technorati Latest Search Engine Banned in China

China’s great firewall has apparently blocked Technorati blog search according to sources such as IT Views and Chinese Pod.

Tom Raftery writes on IT Views:

Does this mean Technorati isn’t censoring search results into China like Google, MSN, Yahoo are? And if this is the case, will Technorati now have to start doing the Chinese government’s censorship job for them if they wish to be seen in China once more?

In my humble opinion I’m noticing a trend in the Chinese Internet market which is attracting more search engines opening up shop locally in China.

Step 1 : Let obvious search engine like Technorati serve blogs and other sites with anti-China party line content.

Step 2 : Block that content on occassion to cause a bit of a stir (like shutting down Net pipeline to whole city blocks when someone searches on ‘Falun Gong’ via a non-locally based search engine).

Step 3 : Then block the search engine from all Chinese users – setting up a blockade which effects the engine’s current business and future with what is destined to soon be the most active online gaming and search engine using population in the world.

Step 4 : Invite that company to open up shop in China, setting up a locally licensed office and service, employing Chinese, engaging the country’s talent pool, funneling taxes or funds back into schools and Universities and fueling the Chinese Government’s Internet system.

Step 5 : Search engine company gets a bit of International flack for having to abide by Chinese laws, but that flack is forgotten over time.

Step 6 : Rinse & Repeat

The formula has worked to date and seems to be quite flawless thus far. Think Technorati, Sifry or Joi Ito will set up a joint venture with a Chinese company to bring the Technorati service legally into China?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Cathleen

    I am really disgusted by this. Censorship is so wrong and what’s happening in China right now is really scary. What’s even scarier is that companies like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc, so readily comply with whatever the Chinese government asks of them. I partially relieved to see companies like Anonymizer offering Chinese citizens a way to access a free and uncensored internet. Lance Cottrel, president of Anonymizer, offers this solution at no cost to Chinese citizens (available at, because he feels so strongly about these issues and protecting basic civil liberties.

  • http://www.jpglawyer.comnotupyet Jim Gruber

    Can you provide me with a list of search engines that have refused to do business with China?


  • mujthaba

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