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Tagatum: Keyword Research by Analyzing Blog Associations

I have multiple times posted on non-standard keyword research tools and services (apart from regular keyword suggestions tools):

And here is another new valuable online tool to help you with keyword research: Tagatum that claims to gather semantic associations from the blogosphere, i.e. to search for any term associations by analyzing its related blog tags:

…tags specified by blogs’ authors in their blog posts are associated between each other. Our tag spider runs over blogs feeds, gathers the set of tags from each blog post and then combines tag pairs from the set of tags.

Thus, just like Google sets find relevant words and phrases by analyzing lists (i.e. words that are likely to be listed by using a comma or <li> tags are relevant), Tagatum finds and saves connections between tags that are likely to appear together in one post (i.e. a blog author tags his post with a few terms, hence these terms are related to each other).

Besides saving these connections, Tagatum also analyzes and rates them by introducing a tag rating (how many other terms the specific tag is associated – i.e. in other words, a tag rating can speak for a tag popularity). All in all, we have a complete keyword research tool that:

  • suggests new related words;
  • ranks the keywords by popularity.


Besides that, Tagatum also lists most popular tags and most popular tag pairs that can also be used for analyzing hottest trends.

The service is also going to launch another, even more promising project: “Tag snowflake” – a better version of a tag cloud where related words are connected with the line (a bold line for more popular connection):


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Tagatum: Keyword Research by Analyzing Blog Associations

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