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Super Bowl Ads: Are They Really Worthwhile?

Super Bowl Ads: Are They Really Worthwhile?

The cost of everything seems to be on the increase these days, with Super Bowl ads being no exception. Sure if you are like me, Superbowl ads are one of the main highlights of the game but with a 30 second  spot going for over $4 million dollars, one has to ask themselves is it really worth it? The short answer is “yes for some while no for others.”

iSatelliteTV takes a looks at the winners and loser in the infographic below. The infographic highlights the percentage of companies that included URLs, social media and even in one case a QR code within their commercials and of vital importance to Internet marketers, whether they saw any increase in web traffic and how much.

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Superbowl Ads: Are They Really Worthwhile?

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