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Super Bowl Commercials Online : Video Search & Big Game Ads

Super Bowl Commercials Online : Video Search & Big Game Ads

Last night’s Super Bowl game between the Steeler and the Cardinals was one of the best I’ve ever seen, with nail biting suspense all the way until the final seconds ran off the clock, and some dynamic touchdown passes and catches. If the NFL’s goal is to showcase the best teams in the league with the Super Bowl, then last night that goal was met. Santonio Holmes proved to be a big play maker for the Steelers’ offense and James Harrison’s 100+ yard interception return for a touchdown took his breath away, and mine too.

I really was not that impressed by the commercials last night, as they were more or less predictable and expected. The Cash4Gold ad was pretty much my favorite and had everyone at the party laughing out loud!

And I do admit, I missed some of the Super Bowl Commercials on runs to the bathroom or the buffet table. I’m sure that I’m not alone, so here for your viewing pleasure are some of the most popular commercials from last night; and the video search engines which are featuring them.

Check out the ad from Bridgestone’s Potato Head from YouTube.

And Bud Light’s Office Meeting from AOL / Fanhouse (reflective of economy and layoffs).

Cadillac from Yahoo Video (Did not expect GM to be Advertising)

Taco Bell Smooth Moves via MySpace and Taco Bell: Smooth Moves

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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Super Bowl Commercials Online : Video Search & Big Game Ads

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